Three Things to Know When Dressing for The Occasion

There is one thing that attending a wedding and a Christmas party have in common. Aside from the fact they are both festive occasions, they also present the eternal dilemma of what you are going to wear. From the moment we open the invitation, the questions begin.

Should I go shopping? Is my black dress too plain? Will the red one be too dressy? The pondering list can on for days or even weeks!

Dressing for the occasion may sound simple in theory, however there are so many aspects to consider before you decide which ensemble will be the winning design. From cut to color, styling your way to the event is easy when you follow three simple rules.

Time and Place

You have heard the saying, there is a time and place for everything. These are wise words to follow. When choosing your festive fashions, consider the time of day the event is happening. Depending on the season, this will call for additional items such as wraps or sweaters in the chillier months. These dressy tips for Winter will show you how to stay formal on cold nights.  Daytime gatherings tend to be more conservative and stated versus its night time counterpart. The evening hours allow for a more glamorous approach to our style.  Where the occasion is being held is a vital piece of information. Knowing the where’s and when’s will help you dress for the occasion from head to flats or heeled toe.

The Type of Occasion

This may seem like a no brainer, yet there is more to it than just the genre of events. Occasions do not come in just one festive size. Some gatherings are more celebratory while others have a subtler plan in mind. Understanding which you will be attending will help you avoid being the center of the fashion don’t page. Business to casual and dressy affairs all call for the right amount of celebration with the dress to match. Keeping in mind the tone of the occasion will assist you in choosing your style that will shine.

Color the Day

The third rule in our stylish ensemble is none other than color. The daytime or evening event will surely have a theme. The general etiquette is Darker and rich vibrant colors are saved for the later hours and lighter or quieter versions of the prior are appropriate for under the sun activities.  Black as always is the universal shade that crosses into both times of day. The goal behind this theory is to avoid disruption of the celebration. With this in mind, we say to wear what colors you love and adapt them as needed. Some rules are meant to bent without fashionably breaking them. Your fashionable preferences for any occasion you attend should reflect your personality. From color to design, you will rise to the occasion in your own personal style.