The Fit and Flair of Pant Styles

Shopping for a pair of pants is not as simple as it sounds. When you walk into a store, you are faced with an entire department of Fit and Flair Pant styles. Jeans, Casual and Business wear all have fashionable options that may seem confusing. While you are standing there contemplating the differences of straight versus skinny, you will see labels ambiguously announcing super skinny, leggings, jeggings and tapered. There are slight variations to bigger variances that determine which style it is classified as. There is no doubt you want your new Pants to be both flattering and fashionable. Reading in between the threads will help you understand the trends.

Pant Styles

Your shape is the deciding factor when it comes to Pants. We all have a curve here and there that we want to complement while being comfortable. Pants come in all types, colors and materials to accommodate your needs and sense of style. A pro tip when it comes to Pants is in the material. Opting for fabric with a little stretch can go a long way. The following design descriptions cover Pants from Jeans to Dressy for your best fit.

Straight – Similar to a tube, the seam is a straight line without any sway. You can find options with a wider cut thigh to suit different body shapes. Remember the waist will generally be slimmer so sizes will vary from mainstream charts.

Skinny – Skinny is different from straight in the sense of the fit. A tighter leg opening and a snug to the leg style is flattering for most body types. If you have wider calves, consider a higher boot to add to the ensemble. Super skinny is an extreme thin shape that is not as useful for all shapes.

Bootcut – A popular cut for its fitted through the leg with a medium opening design. This style is accommodating for all sizes depending on the material. Different waist bands are offered for a perfect match.

Flared – Nicely shaped, these pants are forming in the hip, thigh and knee area. The bottom of the leg flares out wider than a bootcut which helps to balance curviness with a fashionable touch. Not to be confused with the seventies bell bottoms, Flares have a subtler approach.

Wide Leg – Seamlessly flattering, this cut is a loose yet fitted Pant. A fitted waist provides a great look while the material hangs down from the hip in a straight direction. Roomy and comfortable, wide legs can be dressed up or down as needed.

Waists – High, low and mid-rise pants refer to the location of the waistline. If you are an apple or pear shape, the high to mid-rise may be the best options for you. Low rise are comfortable however tend to slip down with movement.

Finding the right Pants for your shape will leave you in a dance of victory. From flared to skinny, try them on for size and you will have the perfect pairing for your favorite top or sweater.