Smart Senses of Coat Fashions

Once the weather begins to change for the cooler months, we start looking at Coats. The mini battle in our minds begin.… do we stay Fashionable or simply wear our cozy comforter outside at this point. Keeping your Coat Fashion Sense as the temperature plummets is both wise and warm for Winter.

Your Winter Coat becomes a part of your signature style. It is more than an item to keep warm… Coats are a statement. It is considered a closet staple to have an accommodation for all weather scenarios. Choosing a shape, size and material can cause some Coat confusion. The technique of picking your jacket or Coat will depend on three things.

  • The Comfort level of the Coat
  • The efficiency of the Coat
  • The Style of the Coat

We all have a different view of comfort, efficiency and style. We are going to look at the different factors and aspects so you can shop with confidence and still stay toasty through the icy weeks. These tips of the Coat trade are essential to opening the secrets of Winter Fashion.

Coat Comfort

We tend to layer up when it is cold outside. Sweaters can be a bit bulkier than our usual wear. It is suggested you go up a size if you are hoping to have enough space and remain comfortable. A general rule is…when you try on a Coat, wear a sweater. It is also important to consider your shape when it comes to styles. Certain Coats have a tighter buttoning system that may not work well for all body types. Try it before you buy it!

Coat Efficiency

If you are facing harsh temperatures, the lining and thickness of the Coat will determine efficiency. Outer shells and materials are made with various fabrics. Some are waterproof and others will soak it in like a sponge. The region you live in has a weather pattern that your Coat should resemble. Fashion can be efficient when you differentiate the look of a Coat and its purpose. By merging the two together, you will have a fashionable fit.

Coat Style

Along with comfort and efficiency, we have style to add to the wintry mix. Trench, Pea, Cape and Chesterfield all have variations that are considered trendy. Whether you like button up or wraps, you will find a Coat style that will be perfect for you.

  • The princess coat and trench style is cute couture and femininely comfortable
  • Duffel or Cocoon style is a great way to keep some room underneath and stay fashionable
  • Cape and Car Coats have a swingier bottom while the top is gracefully buttoned up
  • Chesterfield, Military and Pea coats are known for their buttons down the front and are classically chic.

Your Trendy Coat match will keep you cozy for the winter while adding some fashion to the season. From rainy days to igloo building temperatures, there is a stylish Coat waiting to call your closet their new home.