Simple Ways to Accessorize

In the fashion world, there is one magic word – accessorize. Adding an accessory to your ensemble can transform your entire look.  From hats to shoes and everything in between, how do you choose the right accessory for your outfit? There are so many options it can make your bracelets spin. This makes it hard to know exactly when, where and how to accessorize.

The general rule to embellishing your fashions was stated by Coco Chanel. She expertly taught us to  “always take off the last thing you put on”.  This is sound advice as when it comes to accessories, most of us are like grown up children in a very shiny candy store. Whether you prefer gold, silver or colorful costume pieces, following this guideline will help you to accessorize the right way, every day.

How to Accessorize

Necklaces– Charms, trinkets and styles are an ornate way to accessorize. You can go wherever the baubled breeze takes you in exception of one thing. If you are wearing a high neckline, you will want to add a longer necklace. With scooped or deeper styles, the length of your necklace should be no longer than the middle point between your neck and the neckline.

Tip* If you wear a wider bold necklace, limit additional accessories as to not “crowd” your appearance.

Bracelets The deciding factor on your bracelet will be in the width of the style. The wider options tend to have decorative eye-catching details. This lends a more glamourous appeal to your attire. Thinner bracelets are classically stated adding a charming touch to any design you wear. Charm bracelets are universally popular with customized representations of our character, beliefs and personality.

Earrings- There are many factors in choosing a pair of earrings. They should compliment your face shape and your hairstyle. Updos and pulled back looks can carry hanging earrings while longer hair meets well with mid styles and studs. Find your hair style and  pairing in this in depth Earring guide. Balancing the overall design of your necklace and earring duo will keep your look polished and trendy.

Hats – All season favorites can contribute to any design. Wide brims are associated with elegance and the elite. They can dress up a casual set while the sportier hats will turn a dressier tone into a more comfortable style. Like necklaces and bracelets, they can be personalized with flowers, pins or ribbons.

Shoes–  These delightful duos can upgrade jeans into a night out and a dress into a day at the beach. There is a plethora of ways to incorporate your shoes into accessorized theme. From heels and boots to sandals, you can be as strappy or stated as you like.

Tip: If you match your purse or clutch to your shoes, it will give you a balanced and completed appearance.

Style Thought

Accessorizing allows you to display your inner designer.  The accessories we pair our ensemble with will give us the chic confidence to express our own eye for style.