Must Have Basics to Complete Your Wardrobe

Finding an outfit for the day can result in several minutes of sifting through a barrage of items. It feels as if you can never have enough clothes, however there is such a thing as too many. This may sound taboo and almost offensive to all of us fashionistas yet there is a solution to appease the stylish masses. The art of mixing and matching your clothes will condense your closet while continuing to offer an array of choices.

When you make a mental list of your wardrobe and its uses, there will be a few different categories. The central activities in your schedule will set up your style. From business casual to work out gear, you might have the need for a broad spectrum of pieces. Collaborating your ensembles require a few key essentials that will fit across the fashion board. The greatest tip would be to try and understand the flexibility of your wardrobe, however big or small it may be.


The style of your essentials should have a high level of versatility. Having several pieces that can only be worn in one particular way will fill your space quickly. While it is fine to own a few items that stand on their own, you want to choose styles that can be swiftly switched from one look to another. Adaptable clothing can include solid colors, prints and patterns in a variety of materials. The typical rules need not apply when it comes to style.

There was a time when fashions were full of a set and pair mentality. Cotton was primarily worn with jeans and silk blouses were partnered with rayon or dress wear. We live in a time where our personality can shine. The attire we choose can be mixed and matched with textures and color. Your style can be dressed up or down to suit the agenda of the day.

Top to Bottom

Tops, pants and skirts are the trio of Essentials you will have in your wardrobe. Making sure to keep  basic pieces along with a few charming or frilly additions can be rotated and balanced to complement one another. Cover ups and sweaters can be alternatively used to completely change the appeal of a single shirt. Layering items together while matching them to various styles of bottoms and shoes have an entirely different look.

The trick to owning fewer clothes and still having a complete wardrobe lies within the individuality of every item. The ability to be worn alone or as a set will get you through the week with a fresh fashion for the day. Accessories such as jewelry, belts and hats also have a hand in the Mix and Match priority. Scarves have the potential to be both adaptable and versatile proving to be one of the most used accessories to have in your closet.

Creating your own fashionable trend consist of a few key pieces and a personalized touches. Colorful accents and textures work well together creating several stylish appearances.