Luxury Hints for Your Closet at Home

Our closet holds cherished memories and promises of tomorrow. It can also be the hub of disarray. As time passes, our closets collect more than just clothes and memorabilia. We don’t have to wait out the seasons for Spring before we take action. There are tricks of the organizing trade that will bring your closet from common and ordinary  to luxurious in no time. In our favorite movies, closet doors open, and we fall in love with Prada lined shelves and crystal chandeliers. While most of us do not have the space for an elaborate display, there is some behind the scenes tips that will make a lavish impression.

Luxe Tips

Organize– When you look behind the glamour in grandeur closet designs, you will see everything is streamlined. A place for everything and everything in its place is the motto. Organization may sound boring; however, it has the biggest impact when transforming your closet. Keeping items in matching bins or organizers  will keep a consistent appearance. These Bin Styles  will help you find a theme that suits your needs. Shelving is a two for one idea as it creates additional storage and has the potential for adding décor and trinkets to your design.

Declutter- While organizing the last few months or years of your closets life, use this as a time to sift and sort. Decluttering the clutter will make organizing much simpler. When a closet is revealed on screen, you see a clutter free zone that adds to its clear extravagance. Making four distinctive categories will make the process quick and easy. Keep, toss, give away and maybe allows you to see exactly what you have.

Clean– It may seem daunting to have a closet full of things pulled out in the middle of the room. The silver lining here is a grand opportunity to clean, vacuum and dust. Wipe down the area from floor to ceiling. This will give  a refreshed and opulent feel to your closet space.

Unify– When hanging your clothes, invest in hangers that are the same size and color. Hang your items in the same direction facing either left or right. Then hang your clothes according to length. Keeping a unified visual will draw the eye leaving a plush impression.

Perfect the Details– Creative touches will personalize your closet. Visual cues can be placed through the use of accents and color. Incorporate sachets to give the space a special scent. Adding charming details such as tying bows on your hangers or a new lighting fixture  will offer your closet a couture appeal. Use this Guide to make your own floral kissing balls that you can hang for an enchanting finishing touch.


With a few hours and some creative flair, you will take your everyday closet to a fashionable statement. A luxurious touch and a bit of charm will give you an inspired  space. From top to bottom and silks to cotton, your new closet will become your favorite part of the day. Your style will shine as you open the door to your new closet design.