Keep Your Knits Neat

When the air becomes a crisp flavor of Pumpkin Spice and Fall, the runways fill up with the newest Knits for the season. Sweater weather is a cozy cup of couture possibilities. Every year we find ourselves with our favorite collage of cardigans, crochets and knits. Keeping these chilly treasures in tact with all of their threads accounted for requires handling them with care.. Taking certain considerations when we wash, dry and store our sweaters will keep them in pristine condition.

Washing Your Knits

The differing knits can make it confusing to know when to fold, flip or flatten our threads. We may be tempted to throw our sweaters into the wash with like colors, however this will greatly reduce the longevity of your items. The wear and wash habits we have adopted do not apply to our Knits.

After a few debuts, keep your cardigans clean by hand washing them. The dyes and heavy scents in your regular detergents may be too harsh and break down the integrity of the material. Instead, opt for a natural cleanser  that is made for delicates. Fill a basin of your choosing with warm water and a touch of detergent. Gently swirl and knead your knits a few times with a soft touch. When rinsing, fill the basin with clean water and rinse and repeat without pulling or tugging on the threads. When you are ready, squeeze the sweater to remove the excess water without wringing or twisting.

Drying Knits and Sweaters

The way you dry your knits is essential to maintaining their shape and size. The convenience of the dryer is great for cottons and towels, and it also should never see your sweaters. The high heat and tumbling can be catastrophic to your items. Laying your knits flat or on a drying rack is the best drying option. This drying method will keep your clothes from losing their shape or becoming a mini version of your favorite top. If you are worried about missing the fresh scent your dryer sheets offer, feel free to use a sheet or two underneath your rack or surface.

Pay close attention to the instructive labels found on most fashions. Dry cleaning may be required for specific materials. Machine or handwashing a dry clean only item can break down the strength of the knit and greatly compromise its appearance.

Neaten up Your Knits

After your sweaters and covers are fresh and dry, you will be ready to put them away. Keeping your knits neat is the best way to keep them intact. Hanging your sweaters or stashing them away are the leading causes of drooping arms, loose threads or holes and misshapened mishaps. Fold your knits nicely and stow them in a safe location. Having a bin or basket designated for your sweaters will keep them in tip top shape. Taking care of your Knits will keep you warm and fuzzy through chillier days. From washing to folding, your sweaters will be a favorited fashion for seasons to come.