Interviewing in Style

They say you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression. This statement alone is enough to make you nervous for a job interview. Meeting a potential employer requires you are dressed in your best while accessorizing with the right earrings and a firm handshake.

We have a variety of accessories and classy combinations that offer several fashionable options. Deciding which items will create the perfect interview ensemble is where it gets a little tricky. From colors to cues, you will want your collaboration to make a statement and a great impression.

The Right Outfit for the Interview

The position you are applying for will keep you busy. Make sure your outfit is not a distracting cluster of  colors and patterns. Choose solid designs that will streamline and focus your appearance. You will want to narrow down your stylish options by looking at the environment and atmosphere you are interviewing for.

If the theme is casual, keep your laid back levels at least one or two notches above. Jeans or lounging wear should always stay off the interviewing table and in the closet. Dressing too casually can create the wrong image. Upon meeting the interviewer, your work ethic and capability will be determined by a couple of factors. Your resume and the portrayed perception upon your initial greeting will determine which direction the rest of the interview will go.

The Interview Color to Hire

The three power colors in business are Black, Blue and Red. Unless you are interviewing for an upper level position, it is suggested these colors are integrated with a neutral palette. This will offer a subtle yet professional expression. White pairs well with most hues and is considered a clean and sincere color. Light to deeper Gray, Browns and Beige are both neutral and trendy options. Black is a staple in pants, skirts and dresses. You can balance the authoritative appeal with an addition of a neutral tone.

Color techniques also apply to our accessories. Shoes, stockings and jewelry will put the finishing touches to your interview ensemble. Keeping a simplified statement when accenting your outfit is the best choice. Large or bright pieces can appear too bold and overstated for the occasion.

What’s in the Interview Bag

We are accustomed to purses and clutches being our right-hand man. We must ask ourselves, are they appropriate for the interview scene? Entering the room with a briefcase and purse will look as if you are packed for the weekend. Keep a professional image with a padfolio or stylish briefcase that will hold your essentials. Your resume and documents can be held in either with ease while keeping an organized appearance. There is also a small space for a gloss or powder if needed before you walk in. Dressing appropriately will get your heels and fashionable flats in the proverbial door. Be confident in your speech and posture, and let your charm  take you the rest of the way in interviewing style.