How to Be Scarf Savvy

Staying in the fashion loop can leave you with a closet full of last weeks fashions and yester year looks. Adding one essential accessory can ultimately bridge the gaps of your style journey. The Scarf has been reintroduced to the runway with acclaimed reviews. From silky sheer to cozy cable knit, there is an entire world of Scarves that is at your trendy fingertips. A stylish Scarf has one thing that regular accessories do not have… adaptability.

With a designer panache, they can transform the simplest of ensemble items. T-shirts turn chic and our favorite summer dress gets a charmed touch. Dress them up for an event or use them casually for an everyday elegance. Setting out to attain this closet staple is harder than it may seem. Words like Infinity and Snood may not be widely known. Navigating through the several classes and kinds of Scarves is simple once you know the terms.

Understanding Scarves

To make it simple, think of scarves as having two distinct uses. The first category is worn around the neck and layered in a single, double or triple fashion. Chunky to light materials can add color, class and a couture hint to your outfit. To try this particular look, you will need these popular Scarves:

  • Infinity – an easy to use circle of material that does not separate. It is versatile and one of the easiest Scarfs to use.
  • Rectangle- Very similar to a winter Scarf, the Rectangle is long and able to be used dozens of ways. Knots and swag loops are design friendly and very savvy.
  • Square – often seen around the neck or to the side, the square is the smallest of the scarf family. It can also be used to perk up a ponytail or bun in certain instances.

The second Scarf style is broader in perspective. While it can be worn traditionally, it can also become a second layering to your clothing. They provide a bit more coverage and can span from the neck area to  the knees. You can leave them open or cross them over for an elite variation. The most popular Scarves in this section will include:

  • Wrap – this Scarf wears like a shawl and can be adapted around the collar or left at the shoulders. It is the perfect accompaniment to your closet.
  • Blanket – just as it sounds, this comfortable scarf can be draped or trickily wrapped for a dynamic look. Casual yet classy, you will be warm on those chillier nights.
  • Snood – worn as a scarf around the neck, the snood is a turtle neck effect. It can also be shaped as a hood for a quick transition.

Scarves have come a long way since the popular neck Scarves of the fifties. Various sizes and types will become your new obsession. One misconception many have, is thinking this designer add-on is for winter days only. Fashionable Scarves are acclimated for all seasons and styles. You will wrap, twist and tie your way into a new look for every occasion.