Hippie and Boho Styles – Perfect for Summer

Flowing fabrics, air-permeable materials, and comfortable cuts are what we want for the hot summer weather. The fashion trends that fit the light summer idea are usually described as Hippie, Ibiza fashion, and Boho styles. But where do these trends come from, and why are they so popular?

Ibiza Style by Dora Herbst

Dora Herbst introduced the Ibiza Style in the 70s. The German fashion icon displayed the Ibiza look all over the world. In Tokyo, Paris, and New York, she dressed the open-minded ladies in that novelty style. Romy Schneider and Brigitte Bardot also loved the fashion. As a result, the Spanish government not only honoured Herbst with numerous awards, but they also paid for her trips around the world.

Dora Herbst created fashionable works of art from white linen fabrics that women in Ibiza used for their dresses. She used a lot of lac and designed dresses, skirts as well as pants that made Ibiza fashion famous. For the designer, Ibiza is the most creative place in the world and her aim is to make fashion affordable for every man and woman.

The Trendy and Casual Boho Style

Boho style refers to a fashion style based on hippie, ethnic, and bohemian influences. Boho is an abbreviation for bohemian and the English adjective bohemian related to it. A typical Boho look consists of eye-catching and wild outfits made of different colours, ethnic patterns, and fabrics that can be combined with many basics. Many accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and rings complete the outfit in Boho style.

The Trendy and Casual Boho Style
The Trendy and Casual Boho Style

With bohemian clothes every woman can express her own creativity, because no specific style rules must be followed. Everything that is pleasant to the eye and comfortable may be used to create a typical Boho style look. The usual bohemian outfits are oversized tunics, long skirts, and maxi dresses. Paired with these clothes, massive accessories such as gipsy earrings, long necklaces, belts, sunglasses as well as headdresses of any kind might be called a must.

Back to Flower-Power

The term hippies refers to a youth movement of the 1960s, representing a conscious counter-design to the traditional lifestyle. The hippies focus on freedom and getting back to nature. Love and peace make up the attitude to life of the movement founded in the USA. In recent years, unsurprisingly, the hippie style has made a big comeback.

Hippie clothes are airy, light, and colourful: Floral patterns, soft flowing tunics and fringed tops are an integral part of hippie fashion. Long dresses with ethnic patterns, colourful patchwork, and leather boots are very popular with the hippie look. The authentic hippie jeans are, of course, casual bell-bottoms or the cropped type.

The hippie hairstyle is loose and flowing, decorated with ribbons or feathers. Round glasses in the style of John Lennon, bast bags or sparkling bangles make up the perfect hippie jewellery. Hippie outfits and ethnic clothing can be seen at many music festivals in the summer as they are flowy, comfortable and, of course, stylish.