Five Fashion Rules to Follow

Cotton blends and silky favorites start the day with a fresh and stylish perspective. From Coco Chanel to Carrie Bradshaw, we are inspired to put our personal touch to the trends we know and love. This makes us wonder if there are any rules we should be fashionably following.  The do’s and don’ts of the industry can be quite extensive and frankly, unnecessary. There are however five golden rules that are must haves for any season.

When we are deciding what to wear for the day, there are many factors to think about. How we are feeling, the weather and our to do list are the top three influences in our decision. Creating a “look” or outfit can be much trickier than it may seem. This leaves us standing in front of our closet asking the age-old question, “ what am I going to wear?”.  The following rules will take out the guess work and add a clever confidence to your day.

Famed Five Rules

Style your Shape– Certain cuts and materials are not one style fits all.  Dressing for your shape with the right fashionable statements is the couture choice. Wearing clothing pieces that are either too big or too small will exaggerate your shape creating an unflattering silhouette. From hem lines to sleeve lengths, wear what accentuates the positives while blending in our not so favorite areas. Use this Guide for tips on dressing for your shape.

Mix and Mingle– While it is a wise practice to save closet space and box up your seasonal clothing, it is important to keep your key items within hands reach. Shrugs and camisoles to your favorite summer dress can become an all season fave in your morning repertoire. Mix and Mingle your wardrobe to create new looks that will match your day.

Dress for Success – Dressing appropriately for the day at hand can be difficult if you have a busy itinerary. Applying layers will help you to dress up or down in a matter of minutes. Adding a jacket, shrug or sweater can keep it professional, while hanging it up at the end of the day will swiftly bring you to a more festive occasion.

Be Confident – Your fashionable presence is made of your own design. The world is your personal runway that allows you to step out in style. From  fashionistas to a more eclectic appeal, have the confidence to wear what you are comfortable in. Confidence is the greatest accessory you can add to any outfit.

Trendy and Timeless – Trends and fads come and go throughout the years. You can stay trendy and timeless by keeping the classics and bringing in modern cues. Collaborating the looks from yesterday with the modish hues of today will keep your fashions both classic and refreshed.

Fashionable Thought

Personalized fashions will bring chic tidings to your schedule. Our unique look is an expression of who we are. Dressing in our own style will bring us through the day with confidence and a cheerful view of a self-designed tomorrow.