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Fashion Tips From Parisian Women

Fashion Tips From Parisian Women
Fashion Tips From Parisian Women

It does not really matter if you are thinking of visiting Paris in the near future or you would just like to bring some Parisian glamor to your town, we have gathered together some fashion tips from fashion conscious ladies in Paris how to get the most out of your wardrobe and to shop for the most elegant and chic clothes without breaking the bank.

Never Blindly Follow Trends

One of the biggest temptations when looking for a new wardrobe is to go out and blindly buy the fashions that are on every hanger in the clothes stores. Even when looking at the expensive labels, the radical fashions of that season will soon be out of fashion when the new season comes around. Look for classic designs that never go in or out of fashion, if you want a new look then perhaps change the color of what you buy and not particularly the design of the clothes. Classic designs never go out of fashion, they can be pepped up with an assortment of accessories to make them fresh and look modern.

Always Choose Fitted Clothes

In Paris women do not wear baggy or too tight clothing, and although fitted clothing is more expensive, the garments certainly give a wow factor that any off-the-peg clothing just cannot match. Fitted garments augment the best parts of your body, and accentuate the silhouette to perfection. Even if it is simple trousers and blouse, if they are fitted they will look stunning on your body. The key to this is to select clothes that flatter your body, if you are a little large in some areas concentrate on your best features. Try and find a tailor or seamstress and stick to the same one, a bond is formed over the years and they will get to know your style and what colors flatter you the most.

Think Neutral

This season’s in color may be lime green, but next season it could change to red and if you are seen still wearing lime green then you are instantly dated. You can avoid this obvious fashion mistake by firstly picking neutral colors that never go out of style and always look in vogue. Secondly do not opt for wild design flourishes that also will date very quickly. Black, white, grey, and navy never go out of fashion and will complement other colors easily.

Buy Quality and Not Quantity

If you have a limited budget it is far better spending it on one or two quality items than ten cheaper ones. Expensive and high-quality clothing will give you that extra Je Ne Sai Quoi which will stand out on the streets of Paris. A classy jacket with a pair of fitted jeans and boots can look stunning and the only expensive item may have been the jacket. Quality clothes also last much longer and they feel so much better. Remember part of looking great is feeling great, and if your clothes give you that extra buzz when you wear them this will reflect in your external look.