Clever Ways to Keep Your Clothes Fresh

The clothes we wear are a signature of who we are. Self-expression is charmed with colorful styles that make every sidewalk our own personal runway. Keeping our fashions refreshed will keep us looking trendy every day. Your usual repertoire most likely includes washing between wears and stowing away in the closet for future reference. After some time, our threads can become musty and fusty leaving us less than our stylish best.

Cleverly Fresh

Washing and rewashing our clothes can cause them to fade, shrink or become too warped for wear. With these tips and tricks, you can maintain a fresh wardrobe that is ready for your designer day.

A few tweaks to your fashionable itinerary will ensure your clothes :

  • Stay Fresh and Clean
  • Are Dust and Lint Free
  • Hold a Longer Closet Life
  • Remain In Top Condition

Sachets and Scents: Whether you fall for vanilla spice or fresh florals, you can keep your clothes smelling great with scented sachets or sprays. Buy them premade or make your own with dried flowers and aromatic oils for lasting effects. Sprays can be applied weekly for a spritz of fresh air that will aromatize the area.

Cover it Up: The most efficient way to keep clothes free from dust and environmentals, is to keep them covered. A wardrobe bag, lidded bin or basket is a savvy solution that is both organized and accessible. This will keep your threads clean and neat.

Lose the Lint: Lint and small remnants can stick to your clothes when you least suspect it. Pet hair and additional fuzzies can be removed with a lint roller before you hang or store your items. Doing this important step will prevent the pesky floaters from attaching to other clothing.

Clean the Clothes Zone: Where there is clutter, there is also dust and debris. Keep your closet clean from top to bottom. Organize shelves and floor spaces for an easier weekly cleaning and dusting. This will reduce the possibility of dust bunnies and small particles that can create stale odors in your clothes.

The Hang Up

If you are wanting to avoid dingy and dusty clothes, you will want to use the right hangers. We may be tempted to use luxe velvets or plush materials; however these types of hangers are magnets for dust and lint. They are ideal for use with covers as it helps to keep your clothes and your hangers fresh.

Nothing is worse than static on your skirts. Aside from the clinging and small shocks, they also attract lint. Use a softener in your wash or a dryer sheet to prevent the buildup of static. Dryer sheets have a dual purpose when it comes to your clothes. Placing a new sheet or two in your closet will give you a  freshly laundered aroma. Your closet is the backstage pass to your fashionable appearances. Your outfits will be refreshed and ready for events and everyday occasions.